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Happy Mtuy on behalf of Robert Mtuy


I couldn’t have asked for a better service provider(for lack of a better word) turned family than Sumit Kanabar and his team. My Dad and I were both in severe distress when we learned he had prostate cancer, upon contacting Sumit he calmed me down and assured me my Dad would get top notch medical care. He promptly sourced and got quotations from the best cancer specialists all across India, He was patient, he listened, provided guidance while allowing me to decide on the doctor I was most comfortable with. Our travel arrangements had been immaculately planned by Aarex Asia, from airport pickups to hotel stays, hospital check ins, forex bureau you name it, everything was carefully thought through. During my Dad’s treatment Aarex Asia ensured he received the best care and went above and beyond to facilitate getting second opinions from other specialists across Mumbai. We returned home with wonderful memories from our time in Mumbai. On behalf of my Dad, and our entire family, we are extremely grateful to Aarex asia, You will forever be in our hearts ❤️.


Eric Mwenda


When I left Dar es Salaam for India, I thought I was going through just a routine cardiac evaluation, assuming I would be returning back home in two days. All arrangements had been immaculately made by Aarex Asia for my evaluation - including being received at the airport, hospital check in, etc. My evaluation revealed that I would need to undergo a cardiac ablation procedure for which my trip got extended. During this time, the hospital worked seamlessly with Aarex Asia to ensure that my sister (who had accompanied me) and I were looked after extremely well and that we returned home with good memories of the time spent in India. I am truly impressed with the clinical care at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai as well as the efficiency of the people at Aarex Asia in ensuring that our medical trip was a smooth, memorable and hassle free one. Two thumbs up! With deepest appreciation to team Aarex Asia.


Chris Chale


My Bible tells me in Proverbs 18:24, there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother - and I believe that to be completely true. My mother was suffering from various ailments: sarcadoisis that was affecting her kidneys, eyes and nose and we feared the worst - cancer. Thanks to Sumit Kanabar and the truly professional team at Aarex Asia, especially Ms. Pallavi Dalal who was in touch with me constantly, we got the assurance that my mother's condition was completely treatable and she went on to receive outstanding medical attention at the most appropriate hospital - Narayana Hrudalaya, Bangalore. Our entire stay in India has been nothing but a true blessing for my family. On behalf of my family and friends we send our sincere gratitude for the tremendous job the Aarex Asia team did to make our stay and medical treatment a resounding success.


Sarah Elias


I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Aarex Asia, for the Medical assistance we received during our recent 2 month trip to India, as my mother, Mrs. Sarah Elias, had a 16cm meter cancerous tumor removed from her.

As for Mr. Sumit Kanabar, This gentleman was definitely a guardian angel for me, he was kind, helpful, efficient and without his help I would have been a lost soul in a foreign country.

Mr Kanabar would take my calls regardless of the time factor, be it 1am 3 am or 5am, he gave advise and moral support as I was alone with my mother, he kept me very sane and calm even as my mother was in I.C.U. Mr Sumit is a great man and always ready to help.

One example is, I recently took mum for chemotherapy treatment to Tanzania as the doctors from India who were treating mum were visiting; we were short of a drug, I decided to call Mr. Kanabar on a Thursday evening and by Sunday morning his sister Deepa had delivered the medication to us at the Regency Medical Centre. Now that's what I call efficient and helpful!!

I would highly recommend the facilitation services of this company to overseas patients who wish to avail medical treatment in India.


Richa Adhia

(Former Miss Tanzania )

After 5 years of pondering on a decision, I finally came to India in February 2016 with the impression that I would easily find the right medical services, but it turned out to be a rather difficult and frustrating exercise.

I was quite particular about choosing the right doctor considering this was my body involved and surgery is not a light matter. I got here and found it extremely difficult to filter who exactly was that "Right Doctor". Too many options and reviews and every second person claiming to be the best.... until I met Mr. Sumit Kanabar of Aarex Asia who has not only been a gem of a person but a genuinely well informed health critic and consultant who suggested I meet Dr. Anil Tibrewala of Breach Candy and Hinduja hospital.

I was amazed by the warm and positive vibes I received from the surgeon and even though I did go for a second opinion, I finally went with my heart and opted to go with Dr. Tibrewala.

I have never been happier with my decision and thank God that I came across the best medical consultant who introduced me to the best doctor ever.

Thank you so much Aarex Asia for all the personalised services provided (consultations- bookings- check-ins, after care and follow ups were all on point). I could not be more grateful.

I am a very satisfied client and would recommend the services of Aarex Asia anytime and every time.




Having suffered from debilitating back pain for a long time, I heard of and came to India through Sumit Kanabar of Aarex Asia and his team. Being a medical doctor myself, I thought I had left no stone unturned, but went through the truly miraculous process of laparoscopic surgery at the Fortis Hospital, Mumbai and a recovery way beyond anything I had hoped or dreamed for! I was especially impressed with the pain management protocol and nursing care I received and the outstanding logistical arrangements made from the time I landed on Indian soil right upto my departure.

Sumit Kanabar of Aarex Asia took time out to check on us at the hotel, took us for lunch and showed us around Mumbai when I was back on my feet. In Sumit, we found a friend who made us feel at home, safe and secure despite the fact that we were in a foreign land.

On my return to Uganda, my father, who was at the airport to meet us, was amazed. He asked if we had truly been in hospital or had been on vacation. He had expected a patient, who having undergone surgery just over a week before, would be frail and need support. Instead, I was vibrant, fully mobile and back to my cheerful old self. Above all, the pain that had been the hall mark of my existence for so long was no more. At work, my productivity has increased tremendously. Every area of my life is transformed. I am enthusiastic about my projects. I have resumed hobbies that I had long shelved because of my ill health. The people who knew what I looked like prior to the surgery, describe me as radiant now. My home is a place of cheer and joy, as I go about my chores normally, entertaining, chatting, laughing. My healing is a true miracle. Thank you Sumit; Thank you Aarex Asia for being a vital part of this dream come true.


Stella Machoke


My name is Stella Machoke, from Tanzania. I have been using the services of Aarex Asia for about four (4) years now. At first it was in the year 2012 when my mother had medical problems. Then in 2013 to present I have been personally using their services due to my health issues. One of the things I love the most about Aarex Asia Services is the attention they take in every matter you present to them. On my part, Aarex Asia has been able to find me medical treatments according to my budget and my proposed time frame. I have been able to have second opinions on medical experts if I want to and this saved my life before I made a major decision to be operated on removing my large Intestine. If it was not for them to listen to my concerns and let me have a second medical opinion in another renowned hospital in India, I can not imagine what would have happened. I still do my regular check-ups on surgeries done on me and also continue treatments in India but I always use the services of Aarex Asia. There is a lot you gain by using their services. Everything is pre-arranged before you arrive in India from visa application letters required, airport pick-up to accommodation and other medical related issues and they do not end there. They make follow-ups with how you are proceeding and how you are being treated in terms of hospitality while in India. I could go on and on about Aarex Asia. I trust them with not only my medical condition but even the smallest hassles such as making an appointment and how the day has been.

I recommend the use of Aarex Asia Services to anyone within and outside of India. They even visit you whenever they get a chance and have lunch or a cup of tea with you. Can you imagine?

Thank you Aarex Asia for your services which I have come to depend on them whenever I need medical treatments in India.

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