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Kidney Treatment

kidney transplant surgery india

What is a kidney transplant?
A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure in which a person whose own kidneys have failed receives a new kidney to take over the blood purification function. The surgery is classified as a major one but advancements in medicine have greatly improved the success rates and the acceptability of donors who would some years ago have been rejected.


The kidney transplant procedure
Kidney transplant surgery usually lasts three to five hours. The damaged kidneys are usually left in place, with the new kidney being placed in the lower abdomen. The artery and vein of the new kidney will be attached to an artery and vein in the lower part of the abdomen, just above one of the legs. The new kidney's ureter, the tube that links the kidney to the bladder, will be connected to the bladder. The transplanted kidney may function immediately. In some cases the kidney begins to work only after a week or so. Soreness or pain around the surgery site is common.. The recovery time in the hospital is usually about seven days. We advise patients from outside of India to come prepared for a 10-12 week stay, post-discharge, in the city where the transplant is done. This is to facilitate routine dressings initially and for monitoring thereafter.

The costs for a kidney transplant procedure would vary from USD15,000 to USD18,000 depending on the hospital chosen for the transplant.

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