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De Addiction Programs

de addiction program
  • 1. Addicts are disoriented and insensitive people who should be shunned from society.

  • 2. Addicts should not be treated unless they are violent, have disconnected relationships or create problems in society

  • 3. People who do not abuse substances regularly are not addicts

  • 4. Alcohol and marijuana improve appetite and sexual libido

  • 5. Smoking cigarettes, doing drugs and drinking alcohol are prerequisites to being socially acceptable

Detoxification is a process in which the patient is administered drugs, diet and a change of atmosphere to break the routine of addiction. Additional medical and counselling support is also provided as withdrawal symptoms (commonly called ‘cold turkey’) like sleeplessness and restlessness often occur during detoxification.

A rehabilitation centre helps addicts in the recovery process by providing a secure environment with well trained Specialist and Mentors to provide a strong emotional, physical and medical support. a strong . The centres have an outlined residential program. Use of discipline, creative & constructive routines and psychological treatment methods are the salient features of the centres. The addicts are helped to confront their addictive behaviour and learn coping mechanisms. The duration of the patient's stay may vary from 3 months to 15 months.

Hospitalisation is only required if the person has physical ailments that can only be controlled only in a hospital which has 24/7 medical care. This is also a preferred methodology for persons who are violent when suddenly denied the substance and helps in easing the ‘cold turkey’ process as he is slowly weaned from the substance through medication.

The person returns to his familiar background and learns to adapt to society and his work place. He brings renewed energy and perspective into his friendships and relationships, always wary and watchful about traps that can take him back to an addictive state.

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