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About Us

Welcome to the world of medical excellence in Asia brought to you by Aarex Asia.

There is a reason you are visiting this site. You or someone you care for is looking for quality medical services in India and other parts of Asia. Rest assured, you are at the right place. We, at Aarex Asia, believe that every human being has the fundamental right to avail quality medical treatment at affordable rates.

We have long standing experience of over 15 years with the medical fraternity and have provided hundreds of overseas patients with efficient medical solutions for their conditions. It is this experience that richly assists us in providing an unbiased opinion with regards to the choice of medical facility, the specialist and a cost estimate for medical treatment in a clear and transparent manner.

The hospitals vetted and empanelled by us are all tertiary multi faculty facilities with national and in many cases, international accreditation, which ensures the highest standards of ethical and quality medical treatment.

Our team is fully geared to provide the best professional services with a human touch to ensure that your stay is comfortable and that you take back many happy memories when you return home.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you back onto the road of good health.


Sumit Kanabar

CEO and Primary Mover

World class affordable medical treatment in India.

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