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Frequently Ask Questions

Medical treatment that is truly world-class is available in several top hospitals across India's metropolitan cities. These hospitals boast state-of-the-art medical equipment and diagnostics. The expertise and experience of the doctors places them amongst the worlds finest.

Yes. India's medical schools are highly rated. What's more, most of India's leading doctors have also studied and worked in the best medical institutions, generally in U.K and U.S.A. Moreover, the doctors from our associate hospitals keep abreast of the latest technologies accepted worldwide by attending refresher courses from time to time.

Their global acceptance can be gauged from the fact that every year, hundreds of renowned Indian doctors visit Europe and USA to teach at leading hospitals and universities by invitation. New and innovative techniques are constantly being adapted and mastered by Indian surgeons who have success rates which are as good as those in the world's best hospitals.

We have empanelled 15 hospitals in India geographically spread over Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Goa and Hyderabad. We have also empanelled one hospital in Singapore and another in Thailand.

  • Quality of medical services

  • Past track record

  • Infrastructure for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation

  • Profile of medical consultants, their experience and professional standing

  • Cost of treatment

  • Suitability of facility for patients from foreign countries and upcountry patients from India

Medical procedures and treatment in India cost 50% or less than in Europe or USA Click here for a few specific cost comparisons

Definitely not. The reason medicare is cheaper in India is because of much lower living costs in India when compared to Europe or U.S.A. A dinner that would cost $ 20 in the U.S.A. would cost only a third in India. These lower costs of living also translate into lower costs of medical treatment.

Indian hospitals use the same top notch diagnostic and surgical equipment ( made by, for e.g., multinationals like Siemens, Philips and G.E ) that hospitals overseas do. All critical consumables are imported or made in India to world standards.

Indian doctors and nurses are in great demand the world over. Hospitals in U.K. and U.S.A. are increasingly being staffed by Indian professionals - when you come to us for treatment, you will be entrusted to very safe hands.

  • A comprehensive, all inclusive quote: You get a comprehensive quotation for a condition that you want treated medically. This quote is all inclusive and has few exclusions, if at all

  • Fair pricing : The volumes we generate with the hospitals enable us to get you value additions and services which would be excluded if you approach the hospital directly.

  • Complete care and group support : We take care of everything - from fetching you at the airport on arrival, to seeing to your dietary and other needs at the hospital, providing translators where possible, getting ticketing formalities arranged, arranging for mobile phone connectivity, organizing appointments for dental / executive health check ups for your escort, sight seeing tours after discharge from the hospital, in short, peaceful and happy memories to take back home after recuperating from treatment. No hidden charges or shocks to give you uncomfortable moments in a foreign land.

  • Do note that you pay nothing additional for these services :the hospital will only bill you as they would bill any body else from abroad who seeks treatment in India.

Yes. Please Click here download and fill in the Request for Quote form and e-mail to us. We will revert with a quote within two working days.

The estimate will be all inclusive, except where a few exclusions have been mentioned. We try to keep these exclusions to the minimum. Please note, however, that these are estimates and will in some cases vary.

Our Standard Medical Packages would be applicable to over 70% of patients. In some cases, the patients may have other medical conditions that would perhaps have an implication on cost of treatment. It is therefore essential that you obtain a customised quote, which will factor in any such problems.

Also, while our patients are given priority scheduling and are immediately attended to at our Associate hospitals, it would be better to obtain a confirmation of appointment for consultation / surgery prior to your departure.

The escort can stay with the patients who are being treated in twin sharing category or higher wards.

If the patient is being treated in general ( multi-bed ) ward, the escort will have to stay in a hotel or apartment. We will help the patient's escort to find suitable accommodation.

Option 1: The hospitals do not ask for advance payment before arrival. Hundred percent advance as per the estimate provided will need to be paid to the hospital at the time of admission. If there is a refund or a shortfall, this would be sorted out at the time of discharge. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

Option 2: You can remit the estimated value of treatment to us from your bank. Any refund or shortfall will be adjusted at the time of discharge after receiving the final hospital invoice.

Should you wish to remit us the amount for your treatment, please click here for our bank details and remittance instructions

In many cases where only investigations are required or when the patient is looking for dental treatment or other minor medical treatment not requiring hospital stay, we will assist in finding and booking suitable accommodation for you close to the medical facility / doctor, at a budget which has been approved by you.

Yes, this is true. Today, India boasts of world-class professionals in the area of dental, cosmetic and ophthalmic treatment. In most other countries, treatments for these conditions are excluded from health insurance and are prohibitively expensive. In India, these services are available at a fraction of the costs prevailing in the western world.

Our relationship with you continues after your medical treatment and when you go back home. If further follow up is required, we will help you plan for this. Should you have any scans or any reports that you wish the doctor to see and comment on, we will facilitate this as well, at no extra charge.

At Aarex Asia, we realize that going through convalescence is not much fun. Having come to India, you may want to see the sights like the Taj Mahal, Goa, Kerala etc. Or, if you are of Indian origin and visiting India after many years, you may want to see the place of your origin. After you have completed your medical procedure, we will assist you with hotel accommodation, sightseeing tours and travel packages, which will be tailor-made to your requirement. Please Click here for Holiday Options.

At times, you may want to be treated by a doctor and at a facility which may have been recommended to you by others - you can still avail of our services in planning for your medical treatment. We will assist in getting the necessary appointments, cost packages, finding you suitable accommodation, local transport etc. A one-time service charge of US$ 150 will be payable to us as service charges.

World class affordable medical treatment in India.

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